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As one who recognizes value in good dental health derived from personal choice and available professional excellence, you then should join with our dental family. We take defined strides to protect the patient from the dictates of an insurance plan providing shortcuts in treatment. If we cannot treat you with total wholeness in mind, we won’t treat. Your well-being will always be our highest priority.

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Your time is valuable. We do our very best to respect that time and make every effort to book appointments accordingly. We never want you to feel rushed through your questions; we are dedicated to your comfort on every level.

In the interests of convenience, we book appointments as early as 7:40am so you can schedule your dental appointment without impacting your work day.

Your First Exam

  1. This typically takes about an hour and includes a digital full mouth series of x-rays and images obtained from our digital panoramic machine. No waiting; the images are instantaneous for review and discussion.
  2. We use intra-oral cameras and high resolution monitors designed for advanced Dental Imaging to obtain the highest quality images.
  3. We assess any diseased tissue or early signs of decay and look for any evidence of periodontal disease. We also conduct a cancer screening and determine if you have any collateral issues like TMJ or alignment irregularities.
  4. At this time we also decide the type of cleaning that will provide the best return on your smile. Your personal needs and sensitivities are unique to you; therefore a full exam is conducted prior to any oral hygiene treatments.
  5. A consultation room is available to you where you can discuss in private all your options with the doctor and devise an approach that makes sense and is affordable. If your treatment is more extensive, we will assess all the alternatives with you and make a plan that best suits your comfort.

We believe that your trust is earned and not given. Our methods are state of the art, but our brand of dentistry is steeped in the tradition of treating you as though you were a member of our family. We are confident that you will feel this difference when you visit us.

Let’s Get Started

Whether Cosmetic or General Dentistry, Dr. Scott Griffith can create an amazing new smile for you.